• December 23, 2016

Top 10 Outdated Tech Products We Still Use Today

Top 10 Outdated Tech Products We Still Use Today

There’s tons of old technology that still works – and, we still use it even though there are better options out there. Do you still play retro video games on an old console? Is there still an AM/FM radio in your house? Or how about a standard definition television? If so, you’re as guilty as the rest of us of using obsolete technologies that refuse to die. WatchMojo takes a look at ten out-of-date tech products that we still use (for some reason).

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00:40 #10: AM/FM Radios
01:38 #9: 3.5mm Audio Jacks
02:38 #8: Retro Video Game Cartridges & Consoles
03:33 #7: Standard-Definition Televisions
04:28 #6: Digital Cameras
05:21 #5: Fax Machines
06:36 #4: Landline Telephones
07:42 #3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Outdated Tech Products We Still Use Today

  1. one of the great crimes is my nephew selling my late father’s vinyl record
    collection. He spent some 50 years collecting some of the greatest music
    ever heard from all genres along with the original album artwork and he
    just gave it away!

  2. I don’t think watches are outdated. Its technology is still improving.
    And unless you’re using the phone all the time, watches are more convenient
    to use than taking out the phone to check the time.

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