Top 10 People Who Want To Be FROZEN

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Top 10 People Who Want To Be FROZEN

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These people want to be frozen so that they can wake up to a better future. These celebrities believe that if they wake up in a future, there will be better technology to cure common diseases.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 People Who Want To Be FROZEN

  1. Do some people take the time to realize that if they did want to live in the distant future by freezing themselves that there is a chance everyone they know and love could be dead?Also how would they find a house sense they have been frozen so long and not in their house someone else probably would be living there or the house would be gone.

  2. No, I don’t like the direction technology is taking the world nor would I want to live on a dying planet at even worse point of time than this. And if I was frozen for hundreds of thousands of years, chances are my body would not be able to survive on that Earth unlike the humans who evolved through generations. Also, chances of dying a clean death that leaves your body strong enough for pleasant life aren’t that great. Plus I highly doubt humans will ever achieve technology to resurrect the dead beyond just reanimating the corpee. I don’t believe we’re just organic robots with the brain as the “soul”. Life and human beings are too complex for it all to be just material existance. I believe in evolution combined with a higher power, including non-physical souls.

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