• June 11, 2019

Top 10 Pokemon Anime Gym Battles

Don’t Pokemon Sleep on these battles! Join Ashley as he recounts some of the best pokemon battles to take place in this iconic anime series. You’ll see epic fights including Including the battles of Ash vs. Lt. Surge, Norman, Bugsy, Maylene, Olympia, Volkner, Clemont, Blaine, Korrina, and more! So you can see legendary tussles like Charizard vs Magmar, Pikachu vs Lucario, and many other gym badge battles!

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Pokemon Anime Gym Battles

  1. Imo: 

    #10: Ash vs Clair (It was an exciting battle and the return of Snorlax and Charizard were pretty neat)
    #9: Ash vs Korrina (The fact Ash intended to fight like Tierno but decided to stick with his own battle style instead was good for his character. Also, this was the first time Ash beat a mega-evolved Pokémon, being Korrina’s Lucario)
    #8: Ash vs Fantina (The countershield Ash came up with to beat Fantina was unique and actually became a thing throughout the Sinnoh anime)
    #7: Ash vs Juan (The unique battle format and the large amount of Pokémon Juan used actually made him feel like ‘the final gym leader’ which was cool)
    #6: Ash vs Olympia (The visuals were beautiful and the fact Ash was able to make use of Pikachu even though it wasn’t even battling goes to show how creative he is. Also, that hint towards Ash-Greninja was neat)
    #5: Ash vs Roxie (The Black and White anime has not always been too great but damn, this battle was freaking intense. Roxie kicked ass, and you knew it. Ash had three more Pokemon, and it was still a real Butt Clencher)
    #4: Ash vs Roark (The reason why this rematch was so meaningful is that Paul was able to beat Roark, but Ash wasn’t. In this battle, in which Roark was even stronger after his Cranidos had evolved into Rampardos, Ash proved he wasn’t second-best to Paul)
    #3: Ash vs Clemont (Nice rivalry between Clemont and Ash. The spotlight Goodra got was welcome too)
    #2: Ash vs Wullfric (The fact Ash was able to master Ash-Greninja’s power and the Mega Abomasnow battle. Enough said)
    #1: Ash vs Volkner (Not only was Ash able to re-awaken Volkner’s fighting spirit after his battle with Flint but Ash was also able to master Infernape’s Blaze, which by the way is why it’s Ash’s best Pokemon, even Charizard and Greninja can’t touch it)

    Honorable mentions: Lt. Surge, Blaine, Jasmine, Norman

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