• August 31, 2018

Top 10 Pokemon Inspired By Mythical Creatures

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to the Top10Archive gym! You think you know your Pokemon like the back of your hand, dontcha? And why wouldn’t you, you’ve been traveling and battling with them for as long as you can remember. But did you know that some of them may be deeply rooted in mythologies from around the world? Before you head into your next duel, check out this list of ten Pokemon inspired by mythical creatures… and if you don’t have one already, go out there and catch one! Gotta subscribe to ’em all!

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Pokemon Inspired By Mythical Creatures

  1. I can think of a Pokemon that’s based off of another creature of Japanese myth: Nuzleaf and Shiftry. Both of these Pokemon are based on the Tengu due to their long noses, love of tricks, and their forest habitat. BTW Jim, you pronounced Froslass wrong. The pronunciation is with a long ‘o’ as in “frost” and a short ‘a’ as in “lass”.

  2. The pokemon ninetails was actually inspired by the ninetailed fox from naruto shippuden. And his name is kurama. Naruto is the jinjurdiki of the ninetailed fox. And naruto also becomes hokage. He knew he would become hokage when he was a little boy. And he lept his promise. He was also in a three man squad when he was younger too. The squad wad him, a girl named sakura, and a boy named sasuke. Naruto and the gang also had a sensei named kakashi. When naruto became a teenager sasuke went off for revenge. He became evil and tried to destroy naruto’s home. He did whatever he could to protect the leaf village and get sasuke back. When they bacame adults sasuke became wwwaaaaaayyyy stronger and naruto bacame hokage. He became the 7th hokage. If you watch naruto i hope you know what i’m talking about

  3. What about Dunsparce? He’s based on Tsuchinoko creature which has basically the same legendary status as Bigfoot or chupacabra but I n Japan. Lots of people claim they’ve seen Tsuchinoko and there’s been hunts and such. Considering how rich the yokai culture is you can just make a top 807 video including every Pok√©mon, because all of them have some background to them.

  4. Frostlass has Pokedex entries that straight-up call her the spirit of a woman who died from freezing to death on the mountain.
    – You know. For kids!

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