• June 16, 2017

Top 10 Problems Every Gamer Has Faced

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We’ve all been there, am I right? These are annoyances, issues, hangups, roadblocks & problems that every gamer has come across at one time or another, getting in the way of their enjoyment of their favorite hobby. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Problems Every Gamer Has Faced.

00:29 #10. Toxic Communities
01:11 #9. Parents
02:02 #8. Budget
02:39 #7. Your favorite franchise ruined
03:19 #6. Stereotyping (nerd stereotypes)
04:14 #5. Dying when you didn’t save your game progress
05:00 #4. Save file corrupted
05:33 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Problems Every Gamer Has Faced

  1. accidentally deleting a save file ha try having a little brother who would delete a save file all the time cause he thought it was funny

  2. for the lag I was really expecting to see destiny cause even tho I still play it and love it, its the game with the MOST lag I’ve ever played

  3. When it comes to us racing gamers, the absolute worst thing that could happen to us while racing is the dreaded rubber-banding AI. Seriously, in the case that some of you are new to the genre, you have no idea how painfully insufferable it is to be in first place throughout the whole race and then all of a sudden a computer player zooms by at the last second to snag that shiny victory. So frustrating! If there’s any racing gamers out there you know what I’m talking about!

  4. I’m surprised soft locks aren’t mentioned in the video. Nothing worse than speedrunning a game and getting really close to the end and you get a soft lock.

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