• January 4, 2019

Top 10 Problems With the Joker Nobody Wants to Admit

Top 10 Problems With the Joker Nobody Wants to Admit
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The Joker is one of the greatest villains of all time, not just in comics but in all of storytelling, but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. These are some of the problems with the concept and character of the Joker that hardcore fans don’t want to admit.

Why Joaquin Phoenix Is Meant To Be The Joker:

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List Entries and Rank:
10: He Was Only Meant to Be in One Issue
9: Gaggy Gagsworthy
8: Solo Joker Comics Don’t Sell
7: He’s Not Crazy
6: ‘Harley & Joker’ Is Toxic
5: He’s Not Funny
4: Batman’s Greatest Enemy?
3, 2 & 1: ???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Problems With the Joker Nobody Wants to Admit

  1. The Joker ‘ s different versions in various media , as well as movie and comic incarnations , leave the neutral observant baffled about the real origins and nature of the character . . .

  2. A lot of these are BS

    “He had a shitty side-kick”
    Yeah. Most comic book characters have had cringey side-kicks. Including Bucky Barnes and Robin when they first came out.

    “Joker and Harley are toxic”.
    Yeah, no shit. That’s the point of the relationship. If some teens misinterpret it, that’s not the Joker’s fault or an issue with the character.

    “He’s inconsistent”
    That can be said about literallly any comic book character ever. Specially when they’ve been around for 80 years.

    “He was supposed to appear in only one issue”

    “Batman greatest enemy?”
    Well, yes. It’s not about how hard he is to beat, but how much damage he can do. He might not be able to take over the world, or break Batman’s back, but he plays with his sanity. Bane can go away forever and Batman will be ok. But if the Joker dies, Batman will feel that. And his actions too, without the Joker to show him where the line is, Batman’s might cross it. He’s Batman’s greatest enemy because he’s dangerous but at the same time Batman needs him.

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