• August 4, 2019

Top 10 Pyramid Schemes That Made Millions

Hey Youtube, Jim here. Welcome to the Top10Archive! We all grow tired of seeing your insert-supplement-name-here friend talk about all these products they’re using and how much healthier and better they are because of it, and what’s worse is they want you to buy and sell them too. Whether it’s nutritional supplements, lipsticks, home and health products, or even makeup, these pyramid schemes grow huge for a reason. These are the Top 10 pyramid schemes that made millions.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Pyramid Schemes That Made Millions

  1. Hello 👋 Jim 😁 very nice 👍 voice on yesterday brother my friend 😎 yes I Do my Friend sometimes people ask me more my friend 😃

  2. My story is like an epic, but I’ll keep it brief. My best friend during high school was my roommate for college. He went through a rough time and so a few months in he came into contact with these folks doing the LIFE program and since they were all uber religious, he joined them. For 9 months I saw him spend all his time with these people, listen to their audio CDs in his car constantly, quit school, would go to these mind control-esque weekly gatherings (I attended a couple at his request), and despite all this BS they fed him he was as poor as ever and even stopped paying rent. He was so brainwashed it was astounding and towards the end he would flat out criticize me for not being like him and even tried to blame me for kicking him out for not paying rent. He lost his damn mind.

  3. I actually bought a Mary Kay kit for $100, but the same day I did my mother warned me about it and told me to return it and get my money back. Boy am I glad she did!

  4. Hi Jim. I haven’t heard of most of those but I sure did sign up for Mary Kay near 20 years ago wanting to have little extra income but after two meetings I realized this wasn’t my cup of tee. I can’t remember if I got my $100.00 back of not. No desire to try any of those ever ! Thanks 👍👋

  5. What a load of crap. Amway is not a pyramid scheme! My parents joined back in 1976 and are worth over $40 million because of it. In a pyramid scheme, you cannot pass the person above you, period. In Amway, it happens all the time.

  6. I was briefly caught up in the Herbalife fad here in Romania a few months ago, but didn’t get to far. It seemed harmless and it did give me some helpful advice on nutrition. I still have the plastic spoon and water bottle that I got for free from them.

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