• October 12, 2017

Top 10 Rare Languages Still Spoken Around the World

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What’s the least spoken language in the world? It might be one of these rare languages to learn. Whether it’s Archi, only spoken in a few Russian villages, Friulian, which has about 600 thousand speakers around the world, or Basque, spoken mainly near the Pyrenees mountains, these are some of the least spoken languages on the planet. WatchMojo counts down ten languages so scarce you won’t believe they’re still spoken.

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#10: Friulian
#9: Tuyuca
#8: Yupik
#7: Pawnee
#6: Archi
#5: Pirahã
#4: Basque
#3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Rare Languages Still Spoken Around the World

  1. Quyana for including Yup’ik it makes me so happy. Growing up I was always told that all Eskimo are Inupaiq and live in ice igloo. When I told my teachers that I am half Yup’ik Eskimo and that my family does not live in ice igloo they told me I lied and refused to believe me and they didn’t care about my blood quantum level nor any of the paperwork that proves my mother was 100% Yup’ik and that I am 50%. I’m just so very glad that more people will be finding out about Yup’ik specifically. Watching this makes me feel closer to my grandma even though I am so far from her and Alaska. Quyana WatchMojo

  2. OH MY GOSH YUP’IK IS ON HERE!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!! IM HALF YUP’IK!!! my mom spoke Yup’ik but she passed away when I was 4 so I never had a chance to learn. My Yup’ik grandma wasn’t allowed to learn how to speak Yup’ik when she was growing up so she can understand some Yup’ik but she can’t speak it fluently. I’ve tried to learn by myself but I was raised outside of Alaska and a lot of my resources contradict each other.

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