• March 14, 2018

Top 10 Rarest Savants In The World – Superhuman Skills

Top 10 Rarest Savants In The World – Superhuman Skills
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Hows it going Youtube I am Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video. So today we are going to be talking about Savants. Savants just for you guys who might not now is a person that has a very rare condition that gives them a super ability. But because of their super ability in one area they are left with a mental disability. People with savant syndrome generally have a neurodevelopment disorder such as autism spectrum disorder or a brain injury.


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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Rarest Savants In The World – Superhuman Skills

  1. Ok now this is exceptionally 100% true. People with mental health, autism as such do point to either superior IQ’s of it not highly talented and gifted traits even more than able people are able to do. I always said this as I suffer with severe social Anxiety and mental health but the catch is as I have aged I have absolutely noticed a sort of telepathy/empathicness that really does confuse and out casts me from my pier group. I can’t speak for other highly sensitive or empath types but I know you can tell how much different you are (talented ad mentally able to read people on a superiro scale than that of people who do not see the tricks and lies others try daily) Empaths don’t fall for the snake persoanlities they just know). I really do think Top 10 Most Amazing really should do a video on Empaths/HSPs and people that have suffered traumatic events or accidents whom have or aquired what is considered Telepathic abilities, Empathic abilities and Hihgtened awareness because it is a gift very unrecognised but all too real and absolutely linked to Anxiety and higher IQ’s. It also predates back to our cave ages generations (is anxiety even a medical disorder)? I argue not so please do the justice of Empaths and mental health being linked. I know a small very small number like msyelf but there are a few that can really sense the weather, pressure changes on an unpresidented level, smell thundersorms unmeasurably, sense the emotions of other people even on a physical level outside the realm of sympathy. And even go as far as know when a serious world events going to unfold and become anxious before hand.

  2. I have autism and I am learning French, have an obsession with certain historical events such as World War Two, the Dark Ages, and the American Revolution. I am like the only one who has autism in my family’s house.

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