• February 28, 2017

Top 10 Saddest Stand-up and Sketch Comedians

Welcome to Top10Archive! Though some may be outwardly funny, it may only serve to mask the darkness and sadness within them. In the comedic world, even the ostensibly brightest persona can be hiding an unhappy reality. In this somber Archive, we’ll be looking at the 10 saddest comedians ever to take the stage.

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10. Bill Hicks
9. Freddie Prinze
8. Jerry Lewis
7. Artie Lange
6. Chris Farley
5. Greg Giraldo
4. Rodney Dangerfield
3. Richard Pryor
2. John Belushi
1. Robin Williams


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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Saddest Stand-up and Sketch Comedians

  1. wow 2011 is when Robin died, time flies, it pretty much felt like last year for me when I heard the news…..
    but it is true what the quote says: Those who laugh the loudest, have the darkest secrets/ are the saddest.

  2. I won’t lie…I shed tears over this. This goes to show that even the funniest of us all are not happy below the surface. A smile can mask incredible pain. I used to suffer depression, and I know all about masking my pain by smiles, or cracking jokes to make other people laugh. This is the saddest thing I’ve watched in a while.

    Top10Archive, thank you for writing and presenting this in such a respectful manner. You guys present such sad videos respectfully. Great work.

    1. You’re welcome! That is certainly an excellent approach to have when it comes to such sensitive content matter. It would be helpful to put some links in your descriptions of videos like this. It’s important for people to know that no matter how hard it gets, there will always be someone out there to listen and to help. People who have never experienced depression may not get it. It does make sense that sufferers hide behind a mask. You get the impression that no one cares when you’re depressed. You hide it as a response. Some don’t want others to suffer pain at seeing them so bad, so they hide it behind happiness. Mental illness is horrible.

      Chris Farley’s hurt was awful. It is noble in a sense that he poured so much into making others happy. If only others knew his struggles with his own self-image before his death. Those who are larger pour so much effort into making other’s lives happy, because their own are usually not happy. Being a larger woman myself, making others happy takes away some of my own pain. We do what we can.

      Sorry for the essay. ^^; A follow up video with the additional ten added would be great. 🙂

    2. Thanks Melanie! We always try our best to be as respectful and professional as possible when dealing with issues such as this. We actually feel as if we should have put in more mental health resources like we’ve done in previous videos like this. Comedy is a very common response to severe depression, which doesn’t make much sense to the people watching. They appear to be so happy, it doesn’t make sense that they would be so miserable behind closed doors. Chris Farley said in an interview that whenever he was off set, he was miserable. He was only happy when he was making people laugh. When he was by himself he was a mess. There’s another 10 stand-ups that we could have added to this list, sadly..

  3. I still am kind of in shock from Robin Williams dying. I mostly remember him from Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire. Sometimes I think “Wow….he’s really gone…” And it hurt my mom too because she loved him ;;

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