Top 10 Scariest Creatures Found In Backyards

Top 10 Scariest Creatures Found In Backyards
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Now the worst thing I’ve ever found in my backyard, well I don’t have one here but back home i did but the worst thing was either stray cats, excrement or those small domestic house lizards. Thankfully I didn’t ever have to encounter anything crazy although once when i went to Pakistan there was an eagle in my uncles bird bath outside i was like huh? But unlike me a lot of people have been faced with quite scary unexpected things in their backyards so lets get into it. This is the top 10 Scariest Creatures Found in Backyards.

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Scariest Creatures Found In Backyards

  1. I’ve seen around 3 blue tounge lizards they bite, while camping I almost got attacked by a kangaroo, stepped on a dangerous mulga snake that are VERY venimous and LITERALLY every single day I see a spider especially red backs, my cat almost got bitten by a wolf spider! Oh yea and my dads owned a Dingo once it was really viscous towards anyone but my mum and dad but hey that’s Australia for you mate and also where my parents used to live in Darwin there were always crocodiles when the roads were flooded!

  2. Fun fact: Mole crickets are very native to the Phillipines. So its not really that amazing in our country 🙂 but its fun seeing it in my fav channel

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