• February 21, 2019

Top 10 Scariest Discoveries Found On Earth

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Top 10 Scariest Discoveries Found On Earth
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There has been an insane amount of discoveries all around the Earth that still remain a mystery. Some of these scary discoveries canโ€™t even be rationalized or explained by science. So that just goes to show you that Earth is still a bizarre and crazy world to live in.

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Scariest Discoveries Found On Earth

  1. #2: a lot of cultures world wide used to bind their skulls tightly (some still do today) to get that shape, among others, starting when theyโ€™re infants-

  2. For number 9 he says that the spheres are from an ancient civilization dating back “15 hundred years ago” but then later says that the were there before humans ever walked the earth? What?

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