• October 26, 2018

Top 10 Scariest Japanese Urban Legends

Top 10 Scariest Japanese Urban Legends
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The west is full of classic urban legends and cautionary tales with a twist, but have you heard any of these stories? For this list, we’ve taken a look at the scariest urban tales and folktales, either involving creatures, rituals, or scenarios, from the Land of the Rising Sun, from Gashadokuro, to Nure-Onna and the Kiyotaki Tunnel. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Scariest Japanese Urban Legends.

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10. Gashadokuro (Giant Starving Skeleton)
9. NureOnna (The Snake Woman)
8. Kiyotaki Tunnel
7. Tenome
6. Tomino’s Hell
5. Gozu (Cow Head)
4. The Red Room Curse
3, 2, 1???!

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scariest Japanese Urban Legends

  1. There’s another way to escape from Kuchisake-onna; you just have to tell her you’re late for an appointment and – politely – ask to be excused. Much like the Kappa and some other evil spirits, she’s bound by rules of etiquette and will step aside.

    I also heard one version of the story that claims she has an incurable sweet tooth, and supposedly, throwing fruit or candy on the ground will distract her long enough for a victim to flee; this suggests the legend might have derived from the Chinese Taoist “hungry ghost” myth that claims a ghost may become feral if funeral rites are neglected, and can be appeased by offering food.

  2. i’ve heard another way to get away from the slit-mouth woman is to say something like ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, basically a non-committal answer will save you.

  3. My cousin could probably outrun teke teke. He plays soccer and he’s very fast to me cause have you seen my old video? I’m pretty chub so to me he’s fast but I think usian bolt can outrun teke teke

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