• June 30, 2018

Top 10 Scariest Skyrim Monsters

Hey YouTube, Jim he… oh, come on. Not again! Sorry guys, darn Skeevers are at it again. This has me thinking about the medieval world of Skyrim and the fiends that inhabit it. Not the smaller nuisances like oversized rats and common thugs, though. I’m talking the beasts that rule the land and sky. The horrors of Skyrim like these ten scariest monsters ripped straight from the fifth Elder Scrolls game.

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10. Sabre Cat
9. Frostbite Spider
8. Death Hound
7. Bears
6. Hagraven
5. Werewolf
4. Chaurus
3. Spriggan Matron
2. Storm Atronach
1. Giant

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scariest Skyrim Monsters

  1. What? No Draugrs? Man, those things I dread in caves and ruins…sure alot are easy one hits, but there are ones that are hella tough.

  2. I usually don’t stay on vids like this for long, but I enjoy fantasy lore a lot more than world or U.S history and to make this better, you have great narrating skills. Loved it

  3. I mean seriously in Skyrim I am an absolute Beast because I have golden elf armor and that’s not even the best of my abilities I can summon wolves I can kick control creatures using spell stuff like that and humans

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