• August 10, 2019

Top 10 Scary Abandoned Prisons

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Prison is terrifying, you literally take the most dangerous people in the world and shove them into a confined space together in hope to rehabilitate them but it really just makes them more dangerous.
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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Abandoned Prisons

  1. Y’all videos are good but I don’t think y’all should encourage people to experiment with paranormal activity nor joke about something so real

  2. Che, the convicts would start playing with your hair more than anything, you would immediately become the boss once someone goes too far and accidentally hits a switch that turns che into shaggy che, using 5% of his power.

  3. The jail in Ararat is actually known as “J Ward” not the Ararat County Jail.

    It was the Ararat jail until it became an additional ward of the asylum in Ararat called “Aradale Lunatic Asylum”. The asylum had wards A – I therefore got the jail was renamed “J Ward” which housed the criminally insane.

    I’ve done a few paranormal investigations at Aradale Lunatic Asylum and some day tours of J Ward.

    Che mentioned nurse Kerrie.
    Now, Nurse Kerrie worked at the Aradale Lunatic Asylum in the women’s ward. Not in J Ward/Ararat Jail.

    You can read more about Aradale Lunatic Asylum and J Ward via eerietours.com.au

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