• June 14, 2018

Top 10 Scary Basement Stories

Top 10 Scary Basement Stories
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Basements are dark, cold and scary. No one really likes to go in them, especially if there are creepy noises and strange things that have happened there. So, prepare to lock your basement doors because here are the top 10 scary basement stories.


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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Basement Stories

  1. We actually call it “Creepy Room”. It’s a small side room in our garage that holds the water heater and a couple other pieces of machinery. It’s lit by a single light, dank, and has an old furnace from before the house had AC.

    We also have a concrete box, basically, under the front steps. It’s a room about four foot tall and an eight foot square. We store water hoses in there, but when I was a little kid my father, who has a strange sense of humour, would sometimes tell me that if I misbehaved I would have to spend the night in the box. (No, I never spent a night in the box. Even at six years old, I knew he was joking. He’s actually at great guy.)

  2. I’m having tons of secret rooms in my home there were 5 rooms with modern day weapons, guns tank ammunition you name it all of them were alive, loaded and ready to go ka- boom I’m military personnel so I’m gonna keep em 1 room scared me A lot because there were corpses of dead animals and other things I investigated them from the former house owner who was a biologicalstudent and used the room for studying them 😱 !!!!! omg

  3. My bedroom is probably the scariest room in my house. My door opens and slams by itself when none of my windows are open and I hear foot steps outside constantly. I see shadow people if my door is slightly open and they peer in during the night so I always have my door closed.

  4. My room is in the basement of my house and I swear on my life it’s haunted. I don’t think it’s by something evil, but it’s still pretty creepy. My camera never focuses down there, sometimes I hear whispering, I’ve heard my name whispered in my ear, if try to record something down there, there’s a screeching noise in the background, but when I record elsewhere there is no screeching.

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