• January 16, 2019

Top 10 Scary Belgium Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Belgium Urban Legends
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Hello and welcome back to the most amazing channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are back at it with the urban legends! Today we are getting continental Europe as we take a spooky trip to Belgium. Behold, the Top 10 Scary Belgium Urban Legends! I love a bit of Belgium – have you guys watching been to Belgium? I love a fruity ale and a waffle ! Let me know your travel thoughts in the comments section below
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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Belgium Urban Legends

    1. Please do the urban legends of Antarctica, there’s so many good ones, that even it is said that Enoch from the biblical era could of even of been at Antarctica and where the fallen angels could be residing.

    2. Thnx for doing a top 10 urban legends about Belgium my home country! I didn’t know there where so much scary legends in my country. Especially the eyes one. Now I see it a bit as our version of SlenderMan except with eyes.

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