• May 6, 2019

Top 10 Scary Collections People Actually Own

Top 10 Scary Collections People Actually Own
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Collecting things is honestly a really fun hobby. I remember when i was a lot younger i used collect stamps, and i had a massive book where id put them in their little plastic sleeves would just marvel at how cool i was and how great and colourful these stamps were. But stamp collecting is pretty common, so are doll collections, miniature car collections. But some people collect some pretty weird things. Things that make you think twice about wanting to be their friend. So lets talk about it so we’re aware. This is the top 10 Scary Collections People Actually Own.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Collections People Actually Own

  1. My little sister collects conditioners and soaps and if we use it she be angry af i tried to use once quietly in the night (cuz im a nurse) but she turned on the light and i saw her HOLDING A FORK i legit said NOPE NOT GONNA ASK HER and go back to my room and im scared of her now :

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