• June 25, 2019

Top 10 Scary Confessions That Ruined Lives

Top 10 Scary Confessions That Ruined Lives
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It has been a minute guys it has been a minute, been travelling, been out with food poisoning its been a RIDE. i could go into intricate detail about said food poisoning but lets just say i don’t wanna expose myself that much and confess all that. But, speaking of confessions, forgive me father for i have sinned. Okay no im a good girl, but can we just think about all the things people tell us and then think about everything they don’t. We as humans hide our darkest things from everyone but the ballsy ones out of us actually say them. So enough of my verbal diarrhea lets get into it, This is The Top 10 Scary Confessions That Ruined Lives.

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16 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Confessions That Ruined Lives

    1. I’m so freaked out the most knowing its still gonna be Gucci! I missed the most amazing host! Stay well. Sooo well! 🍻😘. Ayman 🙏

  1. I have a confession that could possibly ruin a life it is not mine but a family members im not sure if she ever told anyone including her parents but i do know when it happened she called me saying i was the only one she could trust. To this day i never said anything and as far as i know her parents just think she was really really sick.

    1. Actually maybe i do have some confessions i worked at McDonalds for many years and delt with alot of rude and ridiculous customers and all i got to say is be nice to the people that make your food you dont want to know the things we have done to these type of customers food.

  2. I actually stole my neighbour kid’s 2 toys when I was around 7…
    For my defense he always bullied me, and was a spoiled brat…
    Those weren’t costly but those were his favourite toys
    He still doesn’t know to this day😈😈😈

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