• August 23, 2018

Top 10 Scary Demons Caught On Camera

Top 10 Scary Demons Caught On Camera
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the top 10 Demons Caught on Camera. Demons! On Camera! Before we jump into this video guys – why don’t you let me know if you believe in demons!
I just heard they are doing a reboot of Buffy.

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Demons Caught On Camera

    1. At 4:03 that wasn’t a dog some one in new Mexico or Texas had a problem with their chickens getting killed and they caught the animal on the cam and tested it it wasn’t a dog and the person has the animal in there house killed and stuffed

  1. I believe that ‘super-natural’ is a term that is applied to things that we don’t understand. As such I somewhat believe in demons, and whole host of other things, to the extent that they may be creatures or entities of a kind that we don’t yet understand. Perhaps what we call demons are simply animals that are more energy than matter, animal which like – any other – evolved on this planet and – perhaps due to being predators or just too different from us – which we have evolved to fear. And perhaps some of the demon animals are intelligent.

    I do not know for sure, no one can, but I believe in them, in the same way that one who has never seen a wolf believes in a wolf, I assume they exist and that they are simply another – if rather exotic – breed of animal. After all, if the forces of evolution can allow for hive-minds, for mammals that can fly and swim, and for unusually smart bipeds who make tools and weapons to gain dominion of this world, why not a being of energy.

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