• March 3, 2019

Top 10 Scary False Awakening Stories

Top 10 Scary False Awakening Stories
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A false awakening is a dream where a person thinks they’ve woken up from their sleep – when really they are still sleeping. To some of you – this may already sound terrifying – imagine going about your life thinking its real – but you’re actually dreaming – what if that’s happening right now? To those of you that aren’t convinced of how scary this can be – I’ve compiled some of the creepiest examples of this. Real stories from real people. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary False Awakening Stories.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary False Awakening Stories

  1. The worse dream within a dream within a dream I had was during the eighties. I used to dream about my teeth falling out. One night I dreamt it at least five times. I’d dream the teeth falling out, wake and they’d still be on my mouth then they’d fall out then I’d wake… You get the idea. It was awful, absolutely terrified me.

  2. I had a false awakening, one night. I got out of my bed, and walk into the bathroom, which had one door on each side of the room. I walk into the bathroom only to hear whispering and chuckling on the other side of the door that’s on the other side of the bathroom. I open it to find three rather ugly looking monsters waiting for me. I ran back into my room, then “woke up”, again, only to have the same thing happen all over, but this time they chased me. When I finally managed to actually wake up, I was shaking. I sat in bed staring at the bathroom door for a good 3 minutes before going to check if this was real life.

  3. Can you do 10 scary urban legends in Latvia pls

    P.s love all your videos I watch them with my friends and we all love them so we would like to see urban legends in our country-Latvia

  4. I remember having a dream a bit like this. I woke up, went to the bathroom and then decided to go downstairs. The stairway was completely dark and the only light came from the front door at the bottom. I got about half way down, not paying much attention to anything, when I suddenly see a figure at tye bottom of the stairs. He is like a shadow and I could only see the outline of his body but he was tall and well-built. I was paralysed. Then, he grinned at me, his mouth was wider than what seemed natural and his teeth were such a bright white. I wanted to run away but before I could move his arms seemed to extend and wrapped themselves around me, drawing me in. I have never had a dream this realistic in my live, I can still remember the feeling of struggling with him. Then I woke up. I get a shiver everytime I have to walk down those stairs.

  5. When I realize I’m dreaming, usually two things can happen: I either wake up or keep dreaming with the ability to knock the crap out of any monster that tries bullying me.

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