• February 15, 2019

Top 10 Scary Fortune-Telling Stories

Top 10 Scary Fortune-Telling Stories
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Okay I have always always wanted to go to a fortune teller, everytime I pass one on the street I’m always super tempted but I want someone to go with but all of my friends never wanna go. But anyway, looking into the crystal ball and seeing your future can either help you or deter you. Or it can make you super paranoid about every decision you make and how that’s going to affect the fate that’s been seen for you. Or it could go a fourth way, you could end up finding out something horrifying and literally not know what to do with yourself afterwards.

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13 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Fortune-Telling Stories

  1. WhenΒ  my nan was younger a gypsy came into her garden and warned her that the next time she left the house she would be carried feet first.Later that day she suffered a miscarriage and yes, was carried feet first by the ambulance men. She never ignores a gypsy now.

  2. I do have a story that may relate to Scary Fortune Telling possibly part 2

    I had a weird dream (2016) that I was walking with my little brother until a black car pulled up and telling me to get inside the car. Normally, we don’t take rides from a stranger, even me. But, somehow we get inside the car. I can’t see the hooded figure’s face, look like a grim reaper, but I remember the words it spoke to me, saying, “You are going to die at age 25.” I was freaked out and all I replied is, “I don’t want to die, I want to go home.” I remember it was about to tell me how I would die, but my mom woke me up and I was so upset when she did and just about to find out how.Β  Next year (2017) after that, I was at the mental hospital when I met a woman who happens to be a fortune teller. I explained to the woman about my dream and she was trying to unlock the dream meaning. She said that I will not die, but there’s a caution about that age, so I need to watch out for it. Although at the time I didn’t understand about the number and just think that something will happen to me once I turn 25, but… Until the very next year after (2018) on June 10th, is actually my older brother had passed away on a car accident. He was just hit by an 18 wheeler and killed him instantly. What’s something about my brother is that he was actually 25 years old when it happen. He was happen to be in his way home when it happen and it actually connecting to the dream and the fortune teller was telling me about. About being in the car, saying I want to go home, even dying at the age of 25.Β  It still haunt me to this day to know that this fortune had came true, but praying that my older brother will rest in peace and hopefully is in heaven as well.

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