• February 17, 2019

Top 10 Scary Hunting Stories

Top 10 Scary Hunting Stories
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Now I don’t particularly enjoy things like hunting, granted I’ve never tried it but i know myself and i know I personally wouldn’t enjoy it even if i did. I have camped before, that’s fun I like doing that. But the woods are not always a friendly place lets face it. There are dangerous creatures in there and at times there are dangerous people in there as well. Most hunters are usually alone when they go and you know how the saying goes, did you really scream if no one was around to hear it. I know i made that and the original saying is about a tree but whatever moving on.

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  1. The cougar : โ€œwhen I was hunting a 40 year old woman asked me if I wanted a good time then I said hell yeh then my friend radiod me and said if I had seen his mum at the exact same coordinates as mine

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