• October 4, 2018

Top 10 Scary Hurricanes Captured On Camera

Top 10 Scary Hurricanes Captured On Camera
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There are so many different ways to measure a hurricane. Whether is be wind speed and rain or the loss of life toll and amount of property damaged. One thing that is certain is that hurricanes are scary and you never want to catch yourself looking into the eye of the storm.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Hurricanes Captured On Camera

  1. Soo didn’t know if i should put it on this video or a creepy video but i was on my game when my father tells me do i want to see something creepy he just saw and i thought he was talking about something on his tv until he was pointing outside and there it was a patch of pale white mist in 1 spot really noticeable oh and it’s 2:50am ill just add it to creepy thing i’ve seen the, spot is where a big ditch is, wish i could take a photo.

  2. I was young when hurricane sandy hit it was a terrible and my family and I had no power for about 3 weeks. Although my area wasn’t hit as terribly as other areas I still remember looking out the window and seeing the powerful winds

  3. I know this is very weird but I love hurricanes I live on an island and it’s so much fun when the eye comes because everyone is rushing outside to scoop up water. And I actually like how they are formed. I like weather

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