• November 17, 2018

Top 10 Scary Kids With Dark Secrets

Top 10 Scary Kids With Dark Secrets
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Everyone has secrets – even kids. In fact, kids are sometimes better at keeping secrets than adults – sometimes they have to be – sometimes they witness or are involved in something pretty disturbing. Lets try and hold out judgement and just take the stories on face value, I’m Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Kids With Dark Secrets. A lot of these came from Reddit so thank you to Reddit and its users, these videos would be a lot harder to do with them …

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Kids With Dark Secrets

    1. When I was 12 my little cousins came over and they had a friend with them they all were about 5 or 6 but we had chickens and chicks . We went outside to play with the chicks, and my cousins friend did the same thing he squeezed/hugged yhe chick to death. Worst part is he knew he killed it but carried the body in his sweater hoddie pocket,. No one even knew till he had it at school and its body was starting to smell, the school called the cops and his mom he talked for a little over an hour with ghe cops after that no one ever saw him again he never went back to that school.

  1. Great vid! Just this weekend we took my kids to Australia Zoo, instead of listening to hours of “are we at the zoo yet?” In the car, we had my 4 year old convinced we were going to the” bum doctor ” 4 her shots 2 get rid of worms! The adults all thought it wee hilarious! 8 hours later as we’re leaving the zoo she asks where was the bum doctor, did we miss her appointment! Lol

  2. Me and my family got abused by my father when I was 1-4 even when my mother was still pregnant he tried to kill me. He tried to kidnap me and take me to Afghanistan which is why I’m really paranoid to go outside alone now. But I haven’t seen or speaken to him since January luckily because he lives in England now. Which is what he told me at least

  3. What the hell? Put some damn warnings on this about animal abuse! I’ve just sat through three people admitting to killing cats and it’s brought up terrible memories of some of my cats being killed by other people and a dog. 😡

  4. Old cat suffering.. well thats fked up cos the cat been killed inhumanely is therefore suffering. Yes it may been when alive but to die sufferingly isnt great.. n baseball cat may not have even been dead, just knocked out

  5. My Mom is really, really, really sensitive when it comes to animals. We were walking to the store one day and happened to see this little orange cat crossing the street. A few moments later it was hit by a truck, it’s little cat body spun once around the wheel before flying off into a ditch. My mom freaked out and began to cry and was about to run over and see if it was dead. I stopped her and told her I would check. While she waited I crossed the street and looked into the ditch. Sure enough, the cat was dead. When I went back I told my mom that it wasn’t there and must have been okay and ran off. She believed me. Later that day I went to collect the body so I could bury it and make sure she never came across it and know that I lied to her to spare her feelings.

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