• March 17, 2019

Top 10 Scary Korean Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Korean Urban Legends
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Welcome back everyone to Most Amazing Top 10. It been way too long since we’ve done a scary video on this channel – I was struggling to find things that would creep you out and then I found some stories from Korea. I love Korea, I’m hoping to go there soon – but these stories have made me think twice, they’re insane – my name is Danny Burke and I hope you guys are ready for the Top 10 Scary Korean Urban Legends …


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17 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Korean Urban Legends

  1. The one legend you call “The Surgery” isnt called by that name and it doesnt go by the story you told us. The original name was Kuchisake-onna as the girl was called and she never did a plastic surgery! She was a young and beautiful women. She whould walk trough her town and ask people is she pretty and they will always say yes. But one day her husband saw her cheating on him and that made him so angry that he tooked sissors and cut her mouth saying “lets see will anyone again think that your pretty”. She killed herself soon after that and now her soul is back for revenge! She ask is she pretty and if you say yes she will show you her mouth and if you say yes again she will say “okey then if you like me so much lets make you as beautyful as I am” then she whould cut your mouth just like her husband did to her. But if you say no she will do the same thing but this time she will say “if I am not beautyfull then noone is gonna be!” But if you wanna escape say “so so”! And I think that this is Japanese urban legend!

  2. Its not called plastic surgery its called kushuki-onna or however its spelt the story is this there was a young beautiful girl who would walk around asking people am i pretty everyone would say yes but one day she was cheating on her husband and he caught her and slit her mouth to ear to ear and thats where she is now oh and the bathroom one is a boy called aka manto he would ask red or blur if you say red he will cut you open till your coverd in blood and if you pick blue he will suffocate you until you bleed from your eyes and if you pick another colour he will drag you down to the underworld with him and if you pick none he will go away

  3. There were some that you did not name correctly the one about plastic surgery was kuchisake-onna and her story has nothing to do with plastic surgery and the one that you said was like moaning meartal from Harry Potter was aka-manto

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