• March 29, 2019

Top 10 Scary Parallel Universe Stories – Part 3

Top 10 Scary Parallel Universe Stories – Part 3
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Welcome back everyone – we did it once, we did it twice and due to popular demand, were back for a part 3. Maybe there’s a parallel universe out there where this video goes viral. Maybe not. Well find out. These are long videos so lets just get right into it, my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Parallel Universe Stories – Part 3.

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Parallel Universe Stories – Part 3

    1. well…I did have something strange happen to me before with my family I live with but its hard to explain and it stayed that way for a few days…they acted strange..my mom more aggressive to me and making more things up about me as if I had said something when I never had…and whenever they went to go “look” for something or get something whether that be in the closet or just plugging something in I listened and heard nothing…when I peeked carefully to see just a still slow moving person…she started moving and there was noise but only after I had come close enough to see what was going on …it was as if she hadn’t moved for a few minutes in her closet for a reason after letting me know she was going to find something…same with my brother..I stood out of my room as I had to leave for the bathroom…no noise…nothing…then walking in movement and sound…the family dog toy poodle we have always barking and greeting me always loud and full of energy…did not greet me…when I sat down with him it was strange..like he wasn’t himself and when I pointed out how odd this was to my mom she said something strange to me..saying he isn’t greeting me (which he always does and still does to this day without fail) because Im not being myself…that was crazy..but she always says the worst and confusing things to me…I wish I knew and understood why…and then something else I wont forget…the dog made a strange low noise that he never made ever again as if he was hurt or a different dog…I never forgot that…all this strangeness stayed this way for literally days…just a few though and then it was over…I dont know what that means…but if I ever did leave this world or my family I wish ask for a nicer mom who didn’t hurt and confuse me like the one I know now…if she ever saw this I’d be sent to a mental hospital or somewhere else because she wouldnt want me in her house…I play a role ..and thats that and I dont know what to do or think right now..I just wish it was over and done…

  1. When I was around 12-14 years old me, a friend, my step dad and our neighbor were walking around the woods that our neighborhood sat next to and it was a fairly big forest it was about 10 square miles but not so big that me and all my friends have explored every inch of this forest and it was pretty much our playground in the 80s. But this time we came upon a cabin we never seen before and it was in good condition, it wasnt a small cabin like a hunting cabin but a bigger one like someone lived in it and it was in good condition but there were no trails or roads leading up to it and we were confused because we never seen it before but we didnt look inside or anything we just left. The next day I mentioned the cabin to my step dad and he didnt know what I was talking about and I was thinking I must have dreamed it but later on my friend brought up the cabin in front of other friends and I was kind of baffled about it and so were my other friends because none of us have seen it before so we went looking for it but we didnt find it again and over the years we searched for it many times but we never seen it again and I told my friend my step dad didnt remember seeing it and my other friends thought we were just making it up. I havent really thought about it much over the years and pretty much forgot about it to recently when I started watching videos like this.

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