• December 15, 2018

Top 10 SCARY Pictures With CREEPY Backstories

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! Since the first camera was invented, they’ve given us the power to document everything that we see. Stunning landscapes, special moments and the ones that we love are frozen in time with the click of a button. What camera’s capture isn’t always happy and beautiful, though. Sometimes they capture dark, twisted and horrifying images that etch themselves into our brain. Here is our list of the top ten scary pictures found in history.

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10.Two-headed dog
9. Shadows of Hiroshima Victims
8. Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum
7. Paris Catacombs
6. Mummified ‘Vampire’ Heart
5. Brain Experiments
4. Head collector
3. Shell-shocked Man
2. Flesh Stripping
1. Mademoiselle Blanche Monnier

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 SCARY Pictures With CREEPY Backstories

  1. Photo number 1 for me, a chilling reminder of the horrible fate that true love faces in this world of evil and a celebration of its victory and the eventual price paid by the soldiers of love. My dear heart stands with that lady for eternal time.

  2. Wow. How disturbing. That’s one of most cruel forms of animal abuse I’ve ever seen. My heart broke for those 2 beautiful, innocent lives. I swear, man is the most cruel and evil forms of life there ever was. That man was pure evil. A real demon in human form.

  3. good job. you found the best guy ever to host these list things. perfect voice. seems like a character irl. unique and not desperate for likes or pandering to kids via NONSTOPLOUDQUICKCUTESQUETALKING.

    5 stars. subbed.

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