• August 29, 2018

Top 10 Scary reCAPTCHA Phrases

Top 10 Scary reCAPTCHA Phrases
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I’m sure you’ve all seen these things before – reCAPTCHA phrases – the little boxes that demand you type the words correctly to progress to the next page by proving you’re a real human and not a bot. The system draws on random words from over 13 million articles and books – that’s a lot of words. Usually the words that are given are meaningless but sometimes, the system throws up some very creepy stuff, stuff so creepy, some people think there is more to the system than the creators are letting on. Does the system have sentience? Are there people working behind the words that are trying to let us know something? Its up to you to figure out – my name is Danny Burke and this is the top 10 scary reCAPTCHA Phrases

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary reCAPTCHA Phrases

  1. Commenting in regards to urban legends- I have a tattoo of the loch ness monster, right. I dont know if you dudes will see this, but seriously, so many places have a serpent creature in their waters. Same as bigfoot creatures. How do old civilizations, have there same stories? I’m Australian and our urban legends are so similar to so many counties and we are so far away from the rest of the world. Explain?

  2. Not for the editor:
    fur the love of god plz stop sudden suddenly putting creepy pics i doesn’t bother me all that much but when its flashed super quick my heart skips a beat

  3. I remember trying to get my epic games account back and I had to do the recapthca and I had to put the word saying “Im Alive” I just went OUT IF MY WINDOW

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