• April 12, 2019

Top 10 Scary Robots We Should Never Build

Top 10 Scary Robots We Should Never Build
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Now lets be real sooner or later we are going to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence, robots and giving consciousness to machines and we will be the end of us. Like we will cause it. We want to achieve it so bad and they will wipe us out I truly believe that. Its so funny to the point if you google what robots you shouldn’t build every search result is how to build a simple robot, 5 easy ways to make robots, how to build your own robot. Its ridiculous. So here in all honesty is the top 10 Robots We Should Never Build.

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    1. Kristine Guetschow My reaction exactly, every time this hard-headed millennial chick shows that she just doesn’t get it. Oh well. I’m here to downvote and ignore every video she does until she drops the sad attempt to be “hip” using urban slang….pathetic and nonsensical urban slang at that.

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