• September 16, 2018

Top 10 Scary Russian Sleep Experiment Facts

Top 10 Scary Russian Sleep Experiment Facts
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The Russian sleep experiment or otherwise known as Orange soda, was a sleep deprivation experiment that took place during World War 2. Russian scientists performed a series of unethical, unmoral and horrifying experiments on five political prisoners that can be compared to a modern-day horror story. Now of course people on the internet are claiming that the Russian Sleep experiment is merely just an urban legend or a creepy pasta but is it? What if this is a huge government conspiracy or cover-up? Let’s explore this topic more with our list of the top 10 scary Russian sleep experiment facts.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Russian Sleep Experiment Facts

  1. I’m so angry at this. This guy is having a fit over 1 Russian experiment. Meanwhile at the same time the nazis where gassing people , putting them in ovens And other doing even worse experiments just look it up.

  2. What if this is actually real? How do you know FOR A FACT that this is only a creepypasta/fictional story? What if all of this is just a huge cover-up? You never know what happen in prisons, especially in secret Medical Facilities ensured by prisons. I do believe that it is all real, just pisses me off seeing TONS AND TONS of people saying stuff like “This a fictional story wtf Landon” or “This is a creepy pasta and that’s the only fact here.” As there is no evidence that is real, there is also no evidence that is fake. Get real people

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