• June 23, 2019

Top 10 Scary SCP That Could End The World – Part 5

Top 10 Scary SCP That Could End The World – Part 5
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You guys really are suckers for punishment aren’t you. You can’t get enough which means I need to give you more… and I still haven’t got a dime for all the therapy I am going to need when you have done with me…. That’s right… this is the Top 10 SCPs that could End The World Part 5. YEP 5. I am your host Miss Rebecca J Felgate … do you ever wonder why I like wearing bright colours? I guess it is because my mind is a dark place. A daarrrk dark place….. so I guess we had better get crack a lacking, ehy!
Before we do though, a quick question – LIKE – have you seen SCP 527 – he has a fish for a head…I asked this question over on Life’s Biggest Questions and the responses were hilarious so I thought I would ask you here… if you could have the head of any animal, what would you go for… let me know in the comments section down below… I would go with Eagle for myself – So I can have like…. Mega mega eyesight and so I can PECK things like a mad lad.

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