• June 21, 2019

Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told – Fan Submissions

Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told – Fan Submissions
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We all have a dark imagination and very scary experiences. So this is your time to be apart of our videos as we read stories told by you guys. In the comment section tell me a very scary story or something scary that has happened to you, don’t worry about how long the story is we will read them all and feature you guys.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told – Fan Submissions

  1. I have a question who’s fully in charge of this channel I have a scary story THE INTERNET IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! WICH MEANS NO FORTNITE!!!!!!!!!

  2. My story: my mom had bought me a book, ironically it was a book full if scary stories and facts, “the book of the bizarre” anyway we moved and I had left the book at the house we had been moving from, we got in our new place and was going through the boxes, I went to go hang up clothes in the closet of course, and I seen the book on the floor and was like ‘wtf??’ I thought there was a tricked played on me but they didnt, I took the book and omg it had everything I had written in it, I nearly had a heart attack because I was terrified

  3. Scary story: I remember when I was a toddler ,my parents occasionally visited my grandmother because my grandfather died and they did not want her to be alone .My Dad used to let me wonder the hallway in the house because the house was very small. He said that every time they visited I used to talk and play with somebody in the hallway but my dad said the weirdest time is when I softly whispered,”Grandpa”.My grandfather fell and died in that hallway.

  4. Here is my scary story:
    It was a few months ago that this happened. I sleep in the living room where my bed is, my original room I was in had like 2 tiles of the ceiling fall down and there were leaks happening as well and I did stay in my oldest sisters room for a while but later moved to the living room cause of another scary experience that I had with a shadow figure. I sleep with a tv on cause I don’t like the dark or the silence of night and I always had the channel on Disney XD and I slept at the foot of my bed, where the tv was the closest, and my bed was against the wall. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t move. I could only blink and move my eyes. I then felt the whole right side of my body go jumb to where I couldn’t feel nothing on my right side and I had a feeling that someone or something was behind me. A few seconds after laying in my bed not able to do a single thing, I felt like I was starting to hover a little off my bed and being turned over to face where the tv was. I wish I hadn’t though, because when u was turned over there was this inhuman like thing standing only inches away from me but still to where I could see the tv and its face. When I looked up at it, I realized it was in the form of a woman with a long tattered and torn dress that was also dirtied and her hair was a jet black and long to where it went about mid back and seemed almost flow in the air, like some ghosts hair does in movies. But the worst thing was her body. Her body looked like it had little to no muscles and you could see where her bones were and her eyes were so dark that they almost looked black in color. I couldn’t see the time so I didnt know what time it was so I tried to move and I started to panic in a way as well to where it knew I was scared. So before I could do anything, it lunged at me and that’s when I woke up. I was happy. I was facing the wall like in my dream but I felt safe. That is until I realized that I also couldn’t move and that the while right side of my body went numb, like it did in the dream. I had also felt like someone or something was behind me trying to turn me over, but this time I was able to try to turn my body the opposite way while trying to move my arms and hands. I tried to scream but something was holding my mouth shut. After a few minutes, I was able to get my hands up to my mouth to open it to scream. Woth my right hand on the upper jaw and my left on the lower, I pulled my mouth apart to scream. I was able to get the word help out twice before falling face first into my pillow and waking up. When I woke up, I found my self in the same position before I had passed out. Right hand on my upper jaw and left hand on my lower jaw, holding my mouth open. I then started to get up and look around and when I did I looked at the time. It was somewhere between the witching hour, which is 3 am, and the devils hour, which is 3:30am. I have never had something so weird or scary like that happe. Where you have are dreaming about having a dream about sleep paralysis. After all it was the first time I saw a demon or ghost like thing like that up close in a dream or real life. I now sleep in the den. I do have more scary stories to tell but those are for another time.

  5. I was on my way back from college and bare in mind I should have been home hours ago but I decided to chill with a few friends. As I’m going home I take a bus from this really dodgy area that’s built near a grave yard but I’m used to hearing the noises ext. As I’m waiting for the bus a strange human like creature crouches on the other side and just looks me dead in the eye almost as if it’s afraid of me. The bus comes and I sit on it and as I pull up outside my house that very night I saw the same creature in my garden yelling “help me” I don’t if it’s my mind playing tricks on me but anyone who’s able to help I’ll highly appreciate.

  6. Scary story:This is an scary story from my school here we go.Once there was a Janitor who saw an kid filled with wounds and blood he went to call an ambulance when the ambulance came there was no body the body is gone just the pool of blood

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