• April 18, 2019

Top 10 Scary Teacher Stories – Part 2

Top 10 Scary Teacher Stories – Part 2
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Honestly im sure we’ve all had a teacher that we’ve been deathly afraid of and that just gave us anxiety. I remember when i was in year 7 i was still quite shy and I hated asking my form teacher for anything so if i ever had to literally the whole morning on the way to school id be like darn breathing exercises. And then when it was done i was like wow that wasn’t that bad at all. Mind you i was like 11 or something so please. But anyway Danny started this series and i know i can never do him justice but i can definitely try to carry it forward so here are the Top 10 Scary Teacher Stories – Part 2.

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Teacher Stories – Part 2

  1. I went to a school where multiple girls, including a friend of mine, were being photographed with a secret pen-camera. He took pictures up their skirts. I’m not even kidding. I remember being so thankful I never had him for a teacher.

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