• May 2, 2019

Top 10 Scary Times A Kid Remembered Their Past Life

Top 10 Scary Times A Kid Remembered Their Past Life
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Is reincarnation real? Can people actually come back to life as another person? On this list, we have kids who remember living a past life that goes well beyond that time frame.

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13 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Times A Kid Remembered Their Past Life

    1. Most amazing top 10 if you see this please respond to it on an video. I discovered planet nine first and I named it Purdue after a chicken company and I also discovered The 10th planet I call sega. After the company that made sonic.

  1. my mum said when i was younger like 5 i would say stuff about ww2 and trying to help wounded soldiers in gallipoli and then my mum realized i was talking about my uncle who had died not to long after i was conceived

  2. You can get reincarnated according to my beliefs…however you wont reincarnate if you commit the 7 deadly sins especially the sin of family members, then your soul will just suffer in hell for all eternity..

  3. Has anyone else realized that if reincarnation is real someday each of us may have a little kid describing our own lives to his or her parents. MIND WENT BOOM!

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