Top 10 SCIENTIFIC Advancements Of The FUTURE

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Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Ah, the future. Who doesn’t like to postulate what scientific wonders in the coming years will exist to make our lives easier and help broaden our understanding of the world? We know our subscribers do, so let’s get right into our latest Archive – the top ten scientific advancements of the future!

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10. Full-Immersion Virtual Reality
9. Floating Cities
8. Nanotech Clothing
7. Handheld MRI Scanners
6. Ocean Water into Fuel
5. Weather Control and Manipulation
4. Force Fields
3. Quantum Computing
2. Gene Editing
1. Mind-Uploading

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 SCIENTIFIC Advancements Of The FUTURE

  1. We won’t know if it’s possible to transfer consciousness until we first master hive mind technology.
    It’s one thing to copy and paste memories and personality into a new body, but that won’t be the original person.
    With a hive mind we can actively observe consciousness being shared between two bodies. From there we can move onto simply swapping consciousness from one party to another.

  2. Gene editing, even if i have the choice, it will be atotal NOPE, plus i like my brown eye, and i prefer letting mother nature choosing what my children will look like.

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