Top 10 SHOCKING Real Life Revenge Stories

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There have been some brutal revenge crimes in history. Whether it’s Aaron Burr seeking vengeance on his nemesis Alexander Hamilton, the REAL Count of Monte Cristo Pierre Picaud or Buford Pusser, whose quest inspired the movie “Walking Tall,” some people take revenge to a whole new level. WatchMojo counts down ten revenge crime stories that prove payback’s a bitch.

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00:58 #10: Pierre Picaud – The Real Count of Monte Cristo
01:54 #9: Alexander ‘Alec’ Turner – The Ex-Slave Who Got Even
02:37 #8: Nakam – The Jewish Avengers
03:33 #7: Frank Eaton – The Man Who Avenged His Pa
04:24 #6: Aaron Burr – The Vice-President Who’d Had Enough
05:09 #5: Buford Pusser – The Sheriff Who Walked Tall
05:54 #4: Carl V. Ericsson – The Retiree Who Really Held a Grudge
06:46 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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