Top 10 SINISTER FACTS Behind Historic Heroes

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Hello YouTube, Jim here! They’re revered for their notable actions and discoveries throughout history, but what happens when we dig into the truth of their lives? Will we still clamber for them after uncovering the mysteries of their past or will we shy away when we uncover the darkness that shrouds their accolades?

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10. Dr. Seuss
9. Thomas Edison
8. Martin Luther King, Jr.
7. Marco Polo
6. Thomas Jefferson
5. Martin Luther
4. Christopher Columbus
3. Abraham Lincoln
2. Mother Teresa
1. Gandhi

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 SINISTER FACTS Behind Historic Heroes

  1. No u have it all all those men u mentioned after u said Thomas Edison’s name is all wrong Thomas Edison and all those other white peoples names you’ve mentioned is just wrong a man by the name of Lewis latimore which was a BLACK MAN !!!!! Made the first blue print for the light bulb and Edison of course stole the invention and made it his own in all actuality every invention that was ever made was by a BLACK MAN OR WOMAN white ppl just stole the inventions and discredited the actual people which were BLACK because when blacks started inventing things white ppl didn’t want ppl to see how talented and smart they were so they stole every invention that black ppl made and they ended up with no credit for their products

  2. I guess it took us ages to find what the US Ex-Presidents did and celebrated their decisions over the years.
    Its only about time when our kids will realise how George Bush and his father stuffed up the world for their own gains

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