Top 10 Stoner Snack Foods

Top 10 Stoner Snack Foods

There are a bunch of stoner snack foods to satisfy your cravings, whether you go for salty nuts, mac and cheese and popcorn, or sweet snack cakes, chocolate and cookies. If you’re looking for snacks to satisfy the munchies, then look no further! WatchMojo helps you choose the best foods to eat while high (not that we condone that kinda thing, mind you).

00:50 #10: Fast Food
02:04 #9: Snack Cakes
03:24 #8: Nuts
04:51 #7: Popcorn
05:53 #6: Mac & Cheese
06:52 #5: Chocolate
07:44 #4: Cookies
08:49 #3, #2 & #1???

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