Top 10 Stupid Ways People Got Famous

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Top 10 Stupid Ways People Got Famous
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Becoming famous with zero talent is easier than you think. From being an Internet meme, to dating a celebrity, there are more and more people who are famous for doing practically nothing. WatchMojo is counting down the stupidest ways that people became celebrities.

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#10: By Saying Something Crazy
#9: By Being a Freak on YouTube
#8: By Giving Birth to Multiple Babies at Once… or Already Having WAY Too Many Babies
#7: By Faking a Disastrous Event
#6: By Becoming a Photo Meme
#5: By Suing Celebrities or Companies
#4: By Being in a Relationship with a Celebrity
#3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Stupid Ways People Got Famous

  1. Can’t believe these idiots got the most subscribers of all time. Wtf is with these bo zos?! Bunch of losers. Those with great talent deserve more subs not people who do stuipd things and other people love watching stuipd things like the karshaisans!

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