• June 16, 2018

Top 10 Terrible Anime Adaptations of Great Manga

Top 10 Terrible Anime Adaptations of Great Manga
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When you transition from Anime to Manga the results aren’t always what you anticipated. Sometimes they’re downright awful. For this list we’re looking at shows that were awesome as manga but majorly disappointing as animated series, whether its bad animation, poor pacing, bad casting, or just total unfaithful garbage. Expect least favourites like Tokyo Ghoul Root A, Berserk, and The Flowers of Evil (Aku no Hana) to make the cut. What’s your least favourite adaptation? What’d we miss? Let us know in the comments below.

#10. “Zetman” (2012)
#9. “Black Clover” (2017)
#8. “Bokurano” (2007)
#7. “Rosario + Vampire” (2008)
#6. “Gantz” (2004)
#5. “Deadman Wonderland” (2011)
#4. “Hakyu Houshin Engi” (2018)
#3, #2, #1: ???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Terrible Anime Adaptations of Great Manga

  1. Flowers of Evil looks very interesting and realistically. I do agree with some, but I can’t say that adaptation is bad JUST because the animation is shitty. Berserk for example, new series weren’t anything special, but I definitely enjoyed them (especially openings).

  2. Ho ho the 4kids dub of One Piece isn’t on here? Well that gives me hope the Funimation dub has started to wash away the horrors of what was.

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