• March 14, 2018

Top 10 Things School Taught You Wrong

Top 10 Things School Taught You Wrong
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You might’ve learnt it from a teacher or textbook, but that doesn’t necessarily make it true. From the value of writing in cursive, to basically everything about Thanksgiving, to marijuana being a gateway drug, these aren’t exactly the whole story. WatchMojo counts down ten things you were misinformed about in school.
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#10: The Sky is Blue Because of the Ocean (or Vice Versa)
#9: Cursive Matters
#8: Columbus Discovered the Earth Was Round
#7: Almost Everything About Thanksgiving
#6: The Tongue is Made Up of Taste Sections
#5: Marijuana is a Gateway Drug
#4. The “I before E except after C” Rule
#3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Things School Taught You Wrong

  1. #1 is very true. I remember I had to dig up every single small information about college application stuffs.
    High school never teaches anything in preparation for college. Not even something as basic as ‘What to submit.’
    They plaster entire hallways with ‘A list of good colleges’ but not a single poster that describes ‘What to do for college application’

  2. #10. If so, why is the ocean blue? There is no light source beneath it. And quantum effects of light scattering/reflecting are not even remotely close to making so much blue light. I believe you got only half your answer correct. Sky is blue because shorter wavelengths bend more than long-yes. Ocean does that for exact reason? No
    #8. Where the f* is your school? Not even in 3rd world countries do schools teach Columbus discover Earth’s round. I think you are mistaking it with ‘Columbus discovered America’-then yes, most sources nowadays say it was the Vikings. Either that or you meant Magellan, then this is just ironic.
    #6 no. Schools teach that those taste receptors react MORE STRONGLY to given taste in these areas. Now you are simplifying. Ironic^2
    #5 not even gonna explain the subject here in the comment. Too much oversimplifying on your side both regarding to what and why schools teach that way, and what the truth is really
    #2. Yes, your statement is true, but there is a reason why schools prevent students from referencing Wikipedia articles in their paper. One of which is because when students use it, they just search one phrase. That leads to overall not diving into the subject and understanding it, but just going over superficial facts. The second reason is it is just unhealthy to go to the same domain over and over. But I strongly agree- Wikipedia is a viable source but only if used correctly (which mostly it isn’t)

  3. My teachers never taught me any of these myths. My teachers had brains and common sense. I will defend cursive as when I was learning it in 3rd grade when we were taught it, not everyone had personal computers. My schools required us to write our assignments in cursive through 7th grade to avoid dependence on computers. Cursive is still important as printing your name is not a legal signature.

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