• September 11, 2017

Top 10 Ways Terrorism Has Changed Our Daily Lives

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How has terrorism impacted the world? Between the stricter immigration laws and more aggressive screenings, people’s distrust of the government and arguably worsening racial profiling, the impact of terrorism on society and the economy of a country is serious. WatchMojo counts down ten effects of terrorism on human life.

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00:25 #10: Police Militarization
01:23 #9: We Hear More About Attacks at Home & Abroad
02:25 #8: The United States Department of Homeland Security Was Created
03:31 #7: People Distrust Their Own Government
04:33 #6: Racial Profiling Has Arguably Worsened
05:22 #5: Attending Large-Scale Events Now Feels Risky
06:25 #4: We Live with Stricter Immigration Laws & More Aggressive Screening
07:26 #3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways Terrorism Has Changed Our Daily Lives

  1. The police are militarizing for 2 reasons and neither is terrorism. 1) the supreme court said that they do not have a duty to protect… they are law enforcement only. and 2) the Obama administration sold the MRAPs or Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles to the police forces after he pulled the troops out of iraq and afghanistan at a SEVERE discount.

    DHS is a joke of an organization and should be disbanded. They use any excuse they can to restrict freedom of the citizens while they havent stopped a single terror attack since their inception. They are too busy feeling up young children and taking naked pictures of all of us that go through those xray scanners to actually stop anything. And now they are a governmental organization so they cant be fired.

    Also you probably shouldnt rely on using john oliver for your snippet commentary… it makes you look really biased. Ive seen you use him on several videos of late and its beginning to make me regret subscribing to you.

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