• September 12, 2017

Top 10 Ways To Catch A CHEATER

Top 10 Ways To Catch A CHEATER.

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Snooping on a spouse or partner is a huge abuse of trust, so you shouldn’t be trying to catch a cheater without reasonable suspicion that they are cheating. Are they acting aloof? Are they distant? Are they less interested in affection? Are they hiding their phone or acting weird about it? Are they regularly removing their browsing data? Are they talking about another person a lot? Or are they talking less….? Are they avoiding making plans in the future? Are they staying up later or getting up earlier? Are they changing their physical appearance? Individually these signs probably are harmless and just suggest your partner is having a bit of a rough time…but three or more of these signs in one suggests something is going on. The first way to catch a cheater is definitely to look for the signs.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways To Catch A CHEATER

  1. I can’t tell people how to present themselves but the idiotic and pervy comments is why I prefer modesty. I’m sorry but I will never understand how dressing like that isn’t supposed garner attraction. That’s usually the point and I guess that’s fine but for those who argue “It’s not meant to show off”… Oh really? Are you honestly wearing it for your own pleasure? That’s extremely egotistical. It’s one thing to like a shirt, but making it where it’s distracting is another. I’m not harping on Rebecca for her dressing choices so much as I am on the idiots in the comments who leave a perverted comment and nothing else. I don’t care if it’s “praise”, people need to learn respect for others, especially strangers (for real, these weirdos don’t know her personally…) I mean, calling her pretty is very harmless and not creepy, at least not to me. But there’s a reason why stalkers are not cute and those type of comments are borderline creepy. But hey, if Rebecca doesn’t care, then it’s just me who does and I can’t change that, it’s her opinion.

  2. There is zero reason to cheat on someone. If you’re not gonna be faithful to someone who gives their heart to you, just don’t date at all. Or, you know, be in an open relationship where shite like that doesn’t matter.

  3. As someone who has been cheated on by two different people it’s best to be upfront about it. Also when you find out they have cheated imo get out of the relationship and don’t go back as once a cheat always a cheat

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