• July 10, 2018


Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! I know what you’re thinking, and no, the Streisand Effect isn’t when you break out Barbra Streisand’s greatest hits and people join in, dancing uncontrollably as if bitten by the Streisand bug. But, in plain terms, the Streisand effect refers to when something is censored, but in being censored, winds up getting more publicity in the process. We’ve compiled ten instances of this unusual and often hilarious effect for your viewing pleasure!

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10. Uber in Central London
9. Samsung vs. Ghostlyrich
8. AACS Encryption Key
7. The Pirate Bay
6. The Interview
5. Amy’s Baking Company
4. The Prisoners of Tunisia
3. The J-Law Leaks
2. The Beyonce Photos
1. Barbra Streisand

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 WEIRD CASES of the STREISAND EFFECT

  1. Oh, well what did we learn?
    Less is more/ don’t start trouble where there is none/ live & let live/ don’t start no-crap won’t be none!😉✌👌

  2. Well the Uber one was really dumb in that “I’m going to protest uber by not working because I want job security, which in turn means that uber is currently offering rides while you guys wanting to keep your jobs aren’t…” Gee who coulda seen that one coming.

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