• September 24, 2018

Top 10 WEIRD Inventions that You MUST SEE

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! With Kickstarter, we’ve seen a lot of amazing inventions take the world stage. Nothing like the prospect of creating a multi-million dollar product to get people drawing up blueprints, am I right? In fact, have you seen my latest? It’s the revolutionary crumb catcher!

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10. The Fake Wishbone
9. The Furby
8. Umbrellas Galore
7. The Mustache Shield
6. The Crew Cut
5. The Piano Doorbell
4. Noodle Splash Protector
3. Ice Baby Carrier
2. Scent Altering Underwear
1. Mousetrap Pistol

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 WEIRD Inventions that You MUST SEE

  1. I think some of these are pretty cool not weird. Like the umbrella ones most of them can be useful. Some of these could be useful actually good video like always keep up the great work. Also make sure the thumbnails aren’t suggestive next time

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