• November 22, 2017


Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Our world today is filled with some strange critters, but if you think that’s unique to the quaternary period of the Cenozoic era, you’d be wrong. Even the age of dinosaurs had its own rogues gallery of freakish and unusual creatures, the top ten of which we’ve thrown lined up for you in this Archive of the strangest dinosaurs ever to have existed.

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10. Incisivosaurus
9. Pegomastax
8. Qianzhousaurus
7. Epidexipteryx
6. Stygimoloch
5. Amargasaurus
4. Concavenator
3. Mamenchiasaurus
2. Therizinosaur
1. Linhenykus

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 WEIRDEST DINOSAURS That Roamed EARTH

    1. Gotta love me! I’m the baby. Got to love me!
      My little sister adopted that line and I can never forget it. It was a great show. Kind of like The Honeymooners meet the Flintstones.
      Nice pronunciations, Jim! That takes a lot of talent and practice. A little beer couldn’t hurt either. One of my favorite dinosaur names is the enchiladasaurus. Named by a bunch of drunken paleontologists after a nice dinner. Maybe you could do a video on oddly named dinosaurs not just odd looking.🦖🦕

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