• November 23, 2018

Top 10 WEIRDEST Things Removed From People

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Have you ever been ashamed to tell your doctor that you know the exact cause of your stomach pain? Like that you ate a 2 whole boxes of Flintstones Cereal?… My (clears throat) friend did that, how stupid, right?

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 WEIRDEST Things Removed From People

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  2. Read this, T10A staff and subscribers.

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    This information is for experienced investors, SLS (Sellas Life Sciences) is stupidly undervalued:

    1. Sellas had 11m cash and cash equivalents reported in their 10Q, ended September 30th 2018; not enough to fund their research but we’ll get to that.


    2. Sellas has good press releases going back to October which should have rose the stock price above $4 (with *momentum*); their drug NeuVax is a potential solution to breast cancer.


    3. SLS was kept low by the current bleak market and 11.5m warrants issued in July for the option to buy in at $2.10 regardless of market value, which shorts used to criminally manipulated the stock price.


    4. On October 17th and November 9th much of the combined volume of the two dates far exceeded $2.10 but aforementioned forces delayed the stock’s rise as (many fled in fear, confused and unaware of the short seller market manipulation).


    5. Sellas is in discussions with potential partners, disclosed in a recent news release (You can use Ctrl+F and type the word “partner” into the findbar after following the link to Nov 15th’s announcement).


    There are scarce warrants left to manipulate the stock price below $4 (short sellers are panicking), no more manipulating the stock. All we need is *momentum*.

    Add SLS to your watchlists/StockTwits (an online investing social media platform), all investors should research and keep an eye on this stock (and see if I’m wrong).

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