Top 10 World Records NOBODY Should Want to Beat

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Welcome to Top10Archive! The Guinness World Records has showcased some of the most incredible feats of man and features of nature. Then there are those that somebody had the misfortune of setting. These ten bizarre and unfortunate accomplishments are the top ten world records that nobody should ever want to beat.

All records in this Archive have been officially reported and recognized by the Guinness World Records.

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10. Most Football Management Rejection Letters
9. Most Scorpions in the Mouth
8. Most Bones Broken
7. Most Kidney Stones
6. Longest Time to Live with a Bullet in the Head
5. Largest Bone Tumor
4. Most Mouse Traps Released on the Tongue
3. Farthest Distance Survived in a Tornado
2. Most Lightning Strikes Survived
1. Highest Percentage of Burns to the Body Survived


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