• September 15, 2017

Top 10 Worst Mascots in Sports History

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There are some terrible mascots out there. Whether it’s the Donnie Darko-like Hip Hop the Rabbit, which supports the Philadelphia 76ers, the New Orleans Saints’ Sir Saint or San Diego State University’s Aztec Warrior, these are some of the worst team symbols out there. WatchMojo counts down ten of the weirdest sports mascots ever.

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#10: Sir Saint – New Orleans Saints
#9: Mad Ant – Fort Wayne Mad Ants
#8: Hip Hop the Rabbit – Philadelphia 76ers
#7: Boltman – San Diego Chargers
#6: Aztec Warrior – San Diego State University
#5: Kingsley – Partick Thistle F.C.
#4: Wenlock & Mandeville – 2012 London Summer Olympics & Paralympics
#3, #2 & #1???

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Mascots in Sports History

  1. WatchMojo you have not only offended me but everyone here in Fort Wayne for talking smack about The Mad Ant based on the notation on his looks above all else. Shame on you WatchMojo.

  2. May need a second list here…good list but so many to choose from (but no arguements here except krazy krab because that was supposed to be bad)

    Another 10:

    1: dandy (NY Yankees) yeah as bad as you imagined the yankees of the bronx is burning era tried to create a mascot…it lasted 2 games

    2: the stanford tree (extra credit for multiple suspensions for the performer showing up drunk/high to games ah college!)

    3 chief fullabull florida state in the 60s and 70s before oscoela showed up….yeeeeaaahhhh

    4 sky guy chicago sky…soooo a womens team has a huge grinning muscle bound dude costume following them everywhere they go…wait…their mascot is a creepy stalker ex boyfriend

    5 col. Reb…ole miss…a PLANTATION OWNER as a mascot…mississippi yall!

    6 Nutmeg the Fox 1999 womens world up…so…the mascot for the iconic 99 world cup was a fox (slang for hot chick) named nutmeg (the act of passing the ball between anothers legs) yep a walking sex innuendo lol geez

    7 boomer the cannon (blue jackets) a giant penis er cannon as a mascot…next!

    8 Miami Maniac…miami hurricanes baseball…sebastian the ibis is a fine mascot….but the baseball team for some reason decided to get a complete knock off of the phillie phanatic…just in green and orange…its because the phanatic attended miami but it comes off as a ripoff and a poor one at that

    9. Roary the lion (carolina courage WUSA version) a decidedly female lion to appeal to the young girl fans of womens soccer complete with bows and ribbons in her…..mane….wait….yep…they accidentally created a mascot in drag…do you SEE why this league failed

    10. Klik the mouse…san jose lasers (ABL) Joe Lacob…before he put the warriors on the map he started out in womens basketball…and the name said it all…a robot mouse with a REALLY bad name lol

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